5 Best DIY Party Planning Ideas During Covid-19

There’s no denying that party planning has gotten more difficult as a result of Coronavirus and the ever changing government regulations. We have a list of five DIY party planning ideas to make your day a little more special without breaking the bank, all while keeping Covid-19 precautions in mind. With more of a focus on smaller gatherings at parties and events, as well as more outdoor gatherings, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate some DIY ideas into your party planning.

1.    Grab-and-Go Food Bar

With buffet style no longer an option, you can consider having a DIY food bar with pre-portioned meals that are grab-and-go style so that your guests can easily collect their food. Takeaway style containers are easy to acquire either in-store or online, and are relatively inexpensive. You can customise your food bar with personalised stickers for the boxes, or use them to incorporate your colour scheme. Cupcakes make a great addition to any food bar and are sure to be a hit at any time of the day, and are another great way to tie in your party’s theme.

2. Garden Party Style

If possible, it’s easiest to hold your party or event outdoors. This gives a brilliant opportunity for you to get as creative as you’d like. Add fairy lights to create an ambiance, and if you have the space, you can even build your own outside bar to convert your space into a makeshift beer garden. Set your tables up in groups of six for social bubbles, and leave at least two meters of space between groups.

3. Dedicated Survival Kit

Party planning includes thinking of more than just what happens on the day of the event. Help your guests out with their morning-after headache with a survival kit to see off any hangovers. Alternatively, you can make the day a little more special with a bag of dedicated party favours. TheHenPlanner has a curated list of survival and hangover kit ideas, which can be adapted to work for any occasion or party, with ideas such as mini cocktail making kits and customised water bottles. Consider adding samples sizes of our ‘Yeti and the Fox’ so your guests can wake up fresh as a daisy the next day, or even include personalised hand sanitiser as a practical essential. With a smaller party size, this is a great way to make the day a little more special.

4. Viewing Party

Although activities like dancing are off the table, there’s still plenty you can do to enjoy your time together while staying socially distant. With all the streaming services releasing new tv shows and movies every week, consider doubling your party up as a viewing party and invest in a projector screen for an outside party, or stream your Netflix account to a flat screen TV. This is great for seasonal parties where you can enjoy your favourite Halloween or Christmas film together.

5.Add Zoom or Skype

With Covid-19 limiting the size of gatherings, and some of our friends and family shielding or limiting their time outside, adding a Zoom or Skype aspect to your party is a great way of including all of your family and friends. Consider setting up a laptop or iPad near the tables, or the makeshift bar, and let your extended friends and family feel included. Perhaps schedule a 30 minute call near the start of the party, and send a mini ‘survival kit’ or cupcakes to those isolating so they can still feel a part of your big day.