Can Alcohol and Exercise Work Out?

Gym to gin anyone?  Seriously, though, can I keep fit and healthy and still enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage?


On the surface exercise and alcohol may appear to be a strange combination, however the two coincide more than you think, once you think about it.   Post work outs normally coincide with post-work happy hours, and evening runs are often followed by a glass of wine to complete that all important ‘self-care’ evening ritual. 

The facts, however, tell a different story.  Alcohol use decreases overall fitness and hampers an individual’s ability to achieve their fitness goals.  Instead fitness improves when we nourish our bodies with a healthy diet and an early bed time.  Does this really mean an end to alcohol consumption for those who want to pursue a fit and healthy lifestyle?   We certainly hope not.

Drinking before working out is a big no no.  Small amounts of alcohol prior to exercise lead to a decrease in endurance and, on top of that, your body will metabolise alcohol over carbohydrates and lipids.   Moreover, alcohol ingestion straight after sport and exercise worsens all major aspects of post exercise recovery. 

So, we know that alcohol shouldn’t be drunk straight before or straight after exercise but what about the day after?   We think we know what you are thinking… “I am not going to exercise hungover”.  It is hard for your body to recover from vigorous exercise if you have got a hangover and, in addition, your aerobic capacity decreases by 11 percent while exercising with a hangover.  That is where Yeti & The Fox comes in.  

Yeti & The Fox replenishes your glutathione levels. This is your body's natural master antioxidant. It helps your body to stay healthy by participating directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds, as well as maintaining exogenous antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in their active forms. This powerful antioxidant is the core ingredient of Yeti & The Fox. So, when you wake up after a fun evening drinking, your body will be replenished and ready to take on the day as if nothing happened. 

So yes, alcohol and working out can mix but it’s all about timing, and your new best drinking buddy!  Happy work out to you all.