Celebrate the small things, we’ve all been through a lot!

For more reasons than one, the upcoming August bank holiday feels more poignant than ever. Possibly a bank holiday unlike any other, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, rules on social distancing and cautions regarding possible future spikes and lockdowns, provides the perfect opportunity to truly celebrate and have fun, whilst still being sensible. Here at Yeti & The Fox we feel it is the ideal day to forget any work stresses and let your hair down. And, with us, you’ll be able to do exactly that without being riddled with guilt about feeling unmotivated and groggy the next day. With our incredible and innovative capsules, you can have a fabulous day enjoying time spent with your favourite people, whilst sipping on your favourite alcoholic beverage.

By taking Yeti & The Fox capsules, the complex but amazing formula will get to work at replacing those nasty toxins your body loses when you consume alcohol. So, you won’t have to worry about a thing as you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the next day as if nothing happened! This year, the summer bank holiday falls on Monday 31st August which we think is the perfect start to any week! Although the opportunities and possibilities aren’t endless this year due to Covid-19, we are encouraging our customers to get creative when it comes to having fun over the bank holiday. In order to celebrate with friends and families in the safest way possible, we have suggested a few ideas to inspire you this August bank holiday.


Themed Garden Party

Why not invite your nearest and dearest round for an exciting, themed garden party! The perfect idea to enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful summer weather, whilst also enabling people to social distance if they need to or feel more comfortable doing so. The opportunities are endless when hosting a themed garden party, and it brings that little extra fun and excitement to the day. You could try a jungle theme, movie theme, festival theme or fairground theme! Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to be a fun-filled day full of your favourite drinks.

Beach BBQ

The beach provides a beautifully picturesque gathering point for anyone and everyone. A chance to enjoy the seaside, it holds the perfect potential for a relaxing and chilled out day with your friends or family. We recommend stocking up on your favourite cocktails and just maybe (weather permitting), you’ll feel like you were holidaying abroad for the day!

Street Party

What’s stopping you from only celebrating this bank holiday with just your friends and family; why not involve the whole street too! There’s no need to worry about coronavirus because a socially distanced street party is easy to organise! All you would need to do is ensure each household keeps 1+ metre apart from each other, and suggest people provide their own food and drink. After all, the more the merrier!

We really hope our three, fun bank holiday ideas have sparked some inspiration and creativity into you so you can celebrate this summer bank holiday in style! And don’t forget, with Yeti & The Fox you can drink without the guilt; feeling refreshed and replenished the morning after. We should be celebrating the small things, we’ve all been through a lot!

 Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.