Day Drinking Done Right

With summer present and the heat out in full force, it brings along the perfect opportunity to spend your weekend and free afternoons out socialising and day drinking. Especially after a tough few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the gorgeous hot weather has provided everyone with a chance to get out and live life with a little bit of normality.

 Day drinking has become increasingly popular, enabling people to enjoy their favourite tipple and spend time with their nearest and dearest without facing a late night. However, just because you decided to drink during the day, that doesn’t mean hangovers just disappear. At Yeti & The Fox we provide the most incredible and innovative capsules which support wellness after drinking, helping to assist your body’s natural systems that fight the toxins from alcohol. If you don’t want that nasty headache, nauseous stomach and every other symptom which comes from drinking alcohol, we should be your go-to supplement.

As well as taking Yeti & The Fox capsules, we have collated some additional ideas you could also follow to help give your body the best chance of feeling fresh, healthy and motivated the morning after your day drinking fun.

The first piece of advice is a pretty obvious one; drink plenty of water! Drinking water throughout your day session is such a simple, but effective thing to do to help you feel refreshed. When you consume alcohol, your body can become dehydrated and that being paired with sitting in the glorious sunshine all afternoon, can sometimes be disastrous. It is important to refuel your body with water to help rehydrate yourself and reduce the risk of headaches or sun stroke. We also recommend heading to the shade for regular breathers, as a break away from the midday sun can also help in reducing the risk of heat stroke.

We also advise all you day drinkers to try and avoid sugary drinks, beers and wine, and be aware of the colour of your drinks. Drinks that are artificially coloured or dark have an increased chance of giving you a hangover later in the day due to the chemicals involved in giving them their unique colour. This means your body will have to work extra hard at not only processing the alcohol, but all of the chemicals that come with it too. Additionally, your blood sugar levels drop when drinking, so it is better to avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners or very sweet mixers.

By following all of this great advice and making sure you take your incredible Yeti & The Fox capsules, you can enjoy your day drinking session to the full, with the reassurance tomorrow is going to be just as great!

Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.