Hangxiety – Anxiety from Hangovers

The thought of a terrible and anxious hangover is a thought that can ruin a night out before it has even started. Knowing that you will wake up feeling rough, anxious and unwilling to take on the day ahead takes all the fun out of a fun-filled night. Most of us will experience a hangover the morning after a heavy night, but some people will experience hangover anxiety alongside the classic headache and uneasy stomach.

Ever woken up worried that you did something embarrassing, but you can’t really remember? Do you get flashbacks or overthinking one specific event that happened? If so, then you may be a victim of hangover anxiety.

You may put it down to just being a massive overthinker or that you helplessly dramatize your life but there is actually some science behind this madness. When you drink alcohol your dopamine neurones begin to fire more and more - dopamine is associated with reward. But this dopamine rush is only short-lived and resulting anxiety can be a withdrawal from this chemical, along with all the other hangover symptoms we are ‘blessed’ with.

Alcohol also interrupts other neurotransmitters that affect your mood like serotonin and endorphins. So, this can result in a range of emotions being felt the morning after, explaining why we sometimes feel anxious and even depressed.

What if there was a supplement you could take to rejuvenate your body of antioxidants and to fight the toxins from alcohol? If you can eliminate the toxin then you can eliminate the symptoms of a drink-fuelled evening. What is more appealing than a badass night and a kick-ass morning?  Yeti & The Fox is the solution.

Just take two Yeti & The Fox capsules just before or when you start drinking (but definitely once you have finished eating – at least 30 minutes before or 2 hours after eating).  Take the third and final capsule when you have finished drinking, at some stage before you go to bed. It really is that simple and very effective!  Wake up fresh as a daisy.

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Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.