Summer Heat

Getting through the heatwave!

Over the last few days the UK has been hit with a sizzling heatwave which has seemed to knock everyone off their feet! The intense heat has increased the seaside popularity, where people have been venturing for a dip into the cool sea in the hope of getting some relief from the burning midday sun.

With most feeling a little drained from the heat, here at Yeti & The Fox we are encouraging our customers to take a little pick-me-up through their choice of alcoholic drink. What better way to refresh your palette, cool your body and energise yourself than with your favourite beverage. Due to the extreme heat, we are also advising that you pair your chosen tipple with an ice-cold glass of water, to ensure you are staying hydrated as well.

Yeti & The Fox enables you to enjoy a few drinks, in the sun, guilt-free. Whether it’s a work night or not, you can be sure to wake up the next day feeling as fresh as a daisy. Yeti & The Fox capsules are a brilliant and innovative food supplement that supports a healthy immune system, liver performance and increased energy levels. All of these are particularly important in helping to aid wellness after drinking alcohol. So, those few refreshing alcoholic beverages to help you get through the boiling hot weather, can be drank without the worry of a bad head or grotty feeling the next morning.

Our fabulous capsules work by fighting the toxins which remain in your body after drinking alcohol. The complex and effective ingredients which make up Yeti & The Fox include S-Acetyl Glutathione, a natural antioxidant and the master immune system booster, which mixed with N-Acetyl Cysteine and Vitamin B6, provide a highly effective supplement at fighting toxins. Glutathione is the main active ingredient of our capsules because it is the key to break down acetaldehyde; a toxic substance that is produced when alcohol is broken down by the liver.

So, this summer you really can get through the crazy heatwave with pleasure! Make your day as enjoyable as you can by doing what you love most and combining it with a guilt-free, cold drink of your favourite alcoholic refreshment. Whether you relish in venturing to the beach, prefer to set up a sunbed in your back garden or simply restrain from the outside heat entirely and take refuge in your house (with the fan on!), you can be sure to make the most of your day by enjoying the smaller things…a gin, a beer, a Pimm’s, a glass of wine, or even a homemade cocktail; the choices are endless! Go traditional, get creative or pass the time by being experimental. At Yeti & The Fox we encourage all of the above for whatever floats your boat. With our help, you’ll be sure to get through this heatwave!

Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.