University of Helsinki proves that L- Cysteine prevents or alleviates hangovers.

Ever since Yeti & The Fox began, we have emphasised the all-important ingredients in our incredible product - Glutathione and N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).  Now the University of Helsinki have conducted a double blind medical test that proves L-cysteine, a close analogue of NAC used in Yeti & The Fox, prevents or alleviates symptoms of hangover. 

A few days ago, the World Health Net posted an article called “Possible Hangover Cure?”.  It explained how researchers in Finland have done medical tests on L-cysteine and found it to reduce or eliminate hangover symptoms.

  • Researchers tested L-cysteine on a test group who drank alcohol for three hours on 6 different occasions
  • “doses of 1,200mg of the amino acid L-cysteine was found to reduce alcohol-related nauseous and headache, and doses of 600 mg helped to alleviate stress and anxiety” (WHN, 2020).
  • “Those given the L-cysteine reported fewer or no hangover symptoms compared to those given a placebo capsule” who probably felt like hell!!

It is important to note that Yeti & The Fox was not tested by the University.  L-cysteine, a close analogue to NAC was tested.  Also Yeti & The Fox contains a higher dosage of NAC versus product used in the trials.

We have received great plaudits from our customers and the media who have trialled our product many, many times and we always receive honours for efficacy and performance.  This trial once again backs up our claims about Yeti & The Fox. 

Not only this.  The University of Milan conducted a trial on Glutathione that tested “Effect of Glutathione on Blood Alcohol and Hangover Symptoms”, and found “a significant reducing effect” by using glutathione for this purpose.  

Yeti & The Fox contains both NAC and Glutathione.  So, a double whammy for Yeti & The Fox.  The reason our customers and the media proclaim that it works so well. 


Some more details about the study conducted by the University of Helsinki.

The study recruited two dozen volunteers who were aged between 21 and 60. These subjects needed to be experienced drinkers of alcohol.  Some subjects were omitted from the study because they were unable to drink enough.

The study involved six drinking sessions on subsequent Friday evenings which all started at around 7pm and finished at 10pm.  Each subject consumed 1.5g of alcohol for every kilogram of their weight, meaning all subjects consumed the same amount of alcohol relative to their body size.  An 80kg man would be given 120g of alcohol, equating to 15 units, or around a bottle and a half of wine. 

Saliva samples and breath tests were taken throughout the study to measure how drunk participants were.  Every hour the subjects also consumed a capsule of L-cysteine (1,200mg or 600mg dose) or a placebo capsule. 

In the morning, participants expressed their degree of hangover, nausea, headache and anxiety on a scale of zero to 10, and of stress from zero to 4.  

According to the study results, L-cysteine was found to have reduced or eliminated hangover symptoms of nausea, headache, stress and anxiety to a 'statistically significant level' if 1200mg was taken.  Those taking 600mg dosage had some symptoms of nausea or headache but stress and anxiety were managed. 

They concluded: "L-cysteine would reduce the need of drinking the next day with no or less hangover symptoms: nausea, headache, stress and anxiety."

"Altogether, these effects of L-cysteine are unique and seem to have a future in preventing or alleviating these harmful symptoms as well as reducing the risk of alcohol addiction." 

Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.