Clinical Trial Results – L-Cysteine Prevents Hangover

University of Helsinki proves that L- Cysteine prevents or alleviates hangovers.

“Possible Hangover Cure?”  - World Health Net article based on a double blind clinical trial of L-Cysteine proved it prevents or alleviates a hangover.

A clinical trial conducted by the University of Helsinki in summer 2020 proved the effect of L-cysteine to eliminate or alleviate hangover symptoms – nausea, headache, stress and anxiety.

  • A test group drank alcohol for three hours on 6 different occasions. Some subjects were omitted from the study because they were unable to drink enough – lightweights!
  • Those given the L-cysteine capsules reported fewer or no hangover symptoms compared to those given placebo capsules
  • L-cysteine proved to reduce alcohol-related nausea, headache, stress and anxiety of the people tested

Yeti & The Fox core ingredient is N-Acetyl Cysteine, which is a close analogue of the cysteine used in this clinical trial.  This medical research proves again why Yeti & The Fox works so well with our customers – 93% say they wake up with no hangover or significantly less hangover than without Yeti & The Fox (responses from 170 people).

A clinical trial by the University of Milan proved Glutathione reduces blood alcohol levels and significantly reduces hangovers. 

So, in short, the 2 core ingredients in Yeti & The Fox are clinically proven to eliminate or reduce hangovers!!!  So, a double whammy for Yeti & The Fox and the reason our customers and the media proclaim that it works so well.

Maybe now you can understand why we have such a high repeat business with our customers and the press have given us such awesome reviews – Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Apple News, Daily Mail, The Sun, Grazia, Daily Mirror, Stylist Magazine, and many others.

So, why delay?  Get yours here and do the things you want to do the day after a great night.

Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.



  • Yeti & The Fox was not tested by the University
  • Yeti & The Fox contains a higher dosage of cysteine versus the product used in the trials.