Featured in Cosmopolitan

If you’ve picked up the January edition of Cosmopolitan magazine after scanning the magazine aisle for some casual reading, you should be well aware that Yeti & The Fox was featured in the article about hacking hangovers. Being one of the best hangover cures on the market, it was inevitable that Cosmopolitan had to try our capsules and see for themselves how amazing they really are. We were among four other hangover hacks that will hide your pain…or in our case, prevent it all together.

With the science having stepped up since last Christmas, we have been featured alongside a special selection of heavyweight hitters designed to combat those nasty hangover symptoms we all dread the day after the night before. Found under ‘the cures’ our capsules are the top choice to take during and after your night in order to prevent any hangover symptoms you may unfortunately have to deal with.

Cosmopolitan’s verdict was extremely positive, and no surprise to us they loved it and recommended it! One reporter woke up with an "unusually clear head", to their great surprise, as well as a lack of fatigue, headache and churning stomach. What more could you ask for?? Another stated that they now "swear by Yeti & The Fox" and are a definite fan of the capsules. He even managed to wake up early after their heavy night out to complete a morning workout with no trouble at all. It all adds to the evidence that our wonderful capsules really do make a difference!

That is exactly what we are all about. Enabling you to carry on with your normal day–to–day routine, without any unwanted hangover symptoms getting in your way. It means you are able to enjoy your night out, without the stress of feeling worse for wear the following day and unable to hit the gym, wake up for work or just lounge about the house feeling healthy.

If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up the January edition of Cosmopolitan to read the whole hangover cure article and see exactly what they had to say about Yeti & The Fox. And also remember to get in your orders of our capsules so you are well and truly prepared for your next big night out. Capsules start from only £6.00, although buying multiples significantly reduces the single night price.