Reviewed by The Sun

If you read The Sun over the weekend and found yourself looking in the Health and Fitness section for inspiration for your new year’s goals, you may have found an article with a solution for your festive party woes. Yeti & the Fox were featured in their article about “UN-BEV-LIEVABLE” ways to hack your hangover. According to the article, the average Brit suffers three hangovers a month. So, with office Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve approaching, it was inevitable that The Sun wanted to try some hangover cures or, in our case, preventions.

With the science having been stepped up since last Christmas, Yeti & the Fox was one of three products sampled for this article and were one of two that worked. The other is about long-term hangover prevention, but Yeti and the Fox is the product that works for spontaneous nights out and one-off parties. By taking two capsules before drinking and one before bed, you give your body a fighting chance against the usual consequences of a night out.

The Sun’s verdict was extremely positive, with the easy-to-understand comment of “would definitely recommend”! The person who trialled Yeti & the Fox woke up far from her usual hungover state: she woke up “alert, energised and, most importantly, without a banging headache”.

This is exactly what Yeti & the Fox are all about: we enable you to get on with your normal day-to-day routine, without any unwanted hangover side effects getting in your way. No one wants to feel hungover ever, but especially not at a time of year when you’re trying to enjoy every moment. It also means you get to enjoy your night out of drinking without the stress of how you’ll feel the next day.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can find this article on The Sun online, to read the full feature and review. Yeti & the Fox are now officially “a genuine mid-week pocket miracle”. If you want to see the effects of this Christmas miracle yourself, don’t forget to get your order in soon, so you’re fully prepared for your next big night out. Capsules start from only £5.99 and are amazing value for money.