The science is complicated but the result is simple. When you take Yeti & The Fox, it helps your body break down the toxins in alcohol to have detoxification effect

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The Ingredients

Speeds up the breakdown of toxins in the liver. Glutathione is an integral part of the detoxification process and is primarily found in the liver. It also plays a significant role in energy metabolism, promoting optimum health and increase energy.

S-Acetyl glutathione

S-Acetyl Glutathione is the master immune system booster and helps our body to stay healthy.


Vitamin B6 is used by the body every single day and plays an important role for movement, memory, energy expenditure and blood flow.

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How To Take

How To Take

To get the best out of Yeti & The Fox, we recommend that you take two capsules with water just before you start drinking. Then, once you’ve gotten home, take one more with some water and head to bed. If you didn't take any before, then take them when you get home. No problem!

ARe you ready to yeti?