Our Story

Growing up we loved to party, and we still do.  Unfortunately, however, our bodies do not.  As we have aged, the hangovers of yesteryear have become worse, leaving us more and more frustrated with feeling awful the next day, sometimes even the next two days.  With nothing which would prevent the hangover before it started, we worried that we would have to put our partying days behind us.  Unless of course, we could find a miracle prevention, one which would let us carry on partying without leaving us with a two-day hangover.
We decided that to stop drinking was not an option.  
Our search for a miracle prevention took us near and far, with an aim to find a food supplement which would finally put an end to our pounding heads.  We tried everything from olive oil shots to bone broth, but nothing worked, the nights out were great but come morning we felt awful.
And then a secret mixture of Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cysteine and Vitamin B6 was recommended to us by a friend in the wellness industry.  To our joy we woke up the next morning feeling great and rushed to tell our friends and family.  This was not something we could keep to ourselves and so in 2019 we decided to share our secret, our miracle prevention: Yeti & The Fox.

The Founders

Meet Dave, Paul and Sergei, the founders of Yeti & The Fox.  


Dave has always been a party lover, enjoying his student days in true student style.  A sagacious socialite, he got the most out of his education, leaving with not only a PHD in partying but also a Business degree and an MBA.   In his time, besides working in the corporate world he has launched a few “hobby-type” businesses, but nothing like Yeti & The Fox.   A businessman who loves to party, Yeti & The Fox has allowed him to keep having a good time whilst continuing his success in the workplace.


Paul, an English Jamaican and mobile comms engineer is our second founder.  Paul and Dave have known each other since school, sharing many nights out and suffering the consequences come morning. Launching a business with a best mate has been a great experience and they hope like their friendship Yeti & The Fox will flourish.


Sergei is the third founder and the brains behind the operation.   Not so interested in the party scene, Sergei, instead likes to focus on keeping Dave and Paul in check.  Coming from a corporate background he is good with numbers, leadership and management, a triple threat when it comes to launching a product to the marketplace.

Celebrating Our Successes

Since starting, we have had some great successes:

  • We have been invited to run a 2-month trial by a pub chain
  • Virgin partnered with us in our launch month.  The success of this led them to do 4 more campaigns with us last year
  • Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail and The Sun all gave Yeti & The Fox 5-star reviews following their field trials and recommended Yeti & The Fox as a top hangover preventing product