Yeti & The Fox


Supports wellness for people who like to drink alcohol

Think about it... Want some drinks, but need to wake up the next day feeling fresh and alive to look after kids or work.  Drinks at home, in the garden, a lazy evening with a bottle of red. Whatever the reason, Yeti & The Fox can help save your tomorrow.

Our capsules of science safely support your body’s natural systems that fight the toxins from alcohol.  Complex science, very effective product.

Live life to the full and… #DONTGIVEAFOX

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The Science behind it

Supports a healthy immune system

Supports liver performance

Supports increased energy levels

How To Take

How To Take

For Yeti & The Fox to be most effective, take 30 minutes before or 2 hours after eating.

Take two capsules with water just before or when you start drinking (not with food). Take the third capsule when you have finished drinking at some stage before you go to bed.

If you forgot to take Yeti & The Fox before drinking, then just take all three capsules before you go to bed.

No Problem!

What People Are Saying...

It’s made me more productive. I don’t lose the next day to feeling rubbish anymore. I can enjoy my nights out and still work out the next morning and smash it at work


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