Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol.

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Yeti & The Fox | Sun Hangover coverage
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For wellness after drinking alcohol

"The only thing that genuinely prevents / thoroughly reduces a hangover."

Lilly (verified customer, unsolicited feedback)

"This is a thing of wizardry!"

Jez (verified customer, unsolicited feedback)

"So glad they made this bottle format with pretty much 50% more for the same price"

Peter (verified customer, unsolicited feedback)

"Love the products, am a big fan. Just wished I’d discovered you in my 20s"

Luke (verified customer, unsolicited feedback)

"Friends have been raving about this!"

Simon (verified customer, unsolicited feedback)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yeti & The Fox?

Yeti & The Fox is a food supplement that supports wellness after drinking alcohol. It is scientifically designed to support metabolic functions affected by alcohol consumption and to fight toxins ingested from food and drinks. In summary, Yeti & The Fox is formulated to support next day wellness after drinking alcohol.

It’s for people who like a badass night and a kickass morning!

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