Want a Remedy to Prevent or Erase a Hangover?

From office chatter to university tales, there is bound to have been plenty of times when someone has told you they had found the miracle cure for a hangover.  Be it downing pints of water, chowing down on cheesy chips, or the trusty hair of the dog, it seems generations of drinkers have come up with endless ways to cheat the system.  Do any of them really work?  If you don’t take your Yeti & The Fox here are some alternative favourites to help prevent the bleary, weary morning after.


Ginger Tea

After a night of drinking, many wake up feeling nausea, which can ruin your whole day.  Ginger is a fantastic remedy for nausea and has been use to fight the feeling of sickness for many years.  Mix some ginger into a glass of orange juice and welcome the easing of your nausea.

Tomato Juice

Fructose is a type of sugar that helps your body metabolise alcohol faster.  Fructose can be found in tomato juice, making it a great way to relieve dehydration caused by drinking alcohol.  Furthermore, the sour taste of tomatoes has been attributed to helping overcome the dreaded hangover feeling.

Yeti & The Fox

Yeti & The Fox supports wellness after drinking alcohol. Taking two Yeti & The Fox capsules when you start drinking (or just before) and one just before bed can help prevent the after effects of alcohol.  The capsules contain Glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant and forms a critical part of your body’s detoxification process.


Like tomato juice, honey contains fructose which is perfect for neutralising the harmful effects of alcohol. Mix it with lemon and hot water for a delicious morning pick me up.


Whether drunk or chewed, peppermint relaxes the whole body. Helping to relieve gas, it can settle the stomach ensuring you feel better in no time.